FRYfest 2019 will be a celebration of all of our favorite traditions inside Kinnick (Iowa) Stadium as we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the stadium being built. From “On Iowa”, to Herky the Hawk, to “Back in Black” – we’ll look at all of the things that make a Saturday at Kinnick special. 

Past themes are listed below.

2018: FRYfest X: Celebrating 10 Years
2017: Hawkeye Hoop Salute
2016: Hawkeye Rivalries
2015: America Needs Farmers
2014: Quarterbacks of Hayden Fry
2013: Hawkeye Fans
2012: Iowa vs. ISU Rivalry
2011: This is Your Life: Dan Gable
2010: Forest Evashevski
2009: Hayden Fry