The ninth annual FRYfest will be a celebration of men’s and women’s basketball – a “Hawkeye Hoop Salute!” We will be bringing back Iowa basketball great’s from Coach Fry’s era, especially the 1980 men’s and 1993 women’s NCAA Final Four teams. In addition, we hope to bring many of the players and coaches have made the programs at Iowa historic and we will be announcing what Iowa alum’s will be back throughout the summer.

Past themes are listed below.

2016: Hawkeye Rivalries
2015: America Needs Farmers
2014: Quarterbacks of Hayden Fry
2013: Hawkeye Fans
2012: Iowa vs. ISU Rivalry
2011: This is Your Life: Dan Gable
2010: Forest Evashevski
2009: Hayden Fry